A Gilly suit is a type of camouflage clothing that is designed to break up the human outline and help the wearer blend into nature.  Made from natural jute twine, burlap or synthetic thread, it is constructed to resemble heavy foliage.  Gilly Suits are typically constructed using an inner shell, netting and jute.  Jute is attached to netting or directly onto military BDUs or jumpsuits.

Paintballers or airsoft players who want to be snipers wear Gilly suits to help them blend in with their surroundings.  The Gilly suit offers an additional concealment advantage over players with normal camo clothes. Paintball Gilly suits and airsoft Gilly suits are very popular with those who play these simulation sports.  Kids Gilly suits have recently become popular during Halloween also.

Government and local law enforcement have been increasingly using Gilly suits to aid in undercover surveillance.  The Gilly suit provides excellent cover for observing, gathering evidence and taking photographs.

Hunters employ Gilly suits to help them get closer to their prey while hunting or they use the cover of the Gilly suit to allow their prey to move towards them without being seen.

And of course, there are military Gilly suits that the US military uses in their tactical operations.  The USMC, Marines, Army and Special operations all employ Gilly suits.